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Current Astronomy "Headlines"

First Quarter
July 5

Full Moon
July 12

Last Quarter July 18

New Moon
July 26

Listed below are notable astronomical events coming up for the month of
July 2014:

Naked-Eye Planets

In July, Mercury is in the morning sky, reaching greatest elongation about mid-month. Thereafter, Mercury sinks toward the light of dawn until the end of the month, when it is only a few degrees from the Sun. Mercury starts the month in Taurus, and ends in Cancer.

Venus is in the morning sky all month long in July, starting in Taurus and ending in Gemini.

In July, Mars is moderately high in the SW in the early evening in the constellation Virgo, about 6 degrees west of the Star Spica. This month, Mars moves all month long through the constellation Virgo, bypassing Spica about mid-month.

Jupiter sinks ever closer to the glare of the Sun for nearly the entire month, coming to solar conjunction on the 24th. Thereafter, Jupiter is a morning object, too deep in the Sun’s glare to see for the rest of the month.

In July, Saturn is very nearly stationary in the constellation Libra in the evening all month long.

Telescopic Planets

In July, Uranus is in the morning sky in the constellation Pisces, rising ever earlier throughout the month. Uranus rises at a little after 11:20 p.m. by the end of the month.

Neptune is in the constellation Aquarius in the month of July, and rises at a little after 9:40 p.m. at the end of the month.

Dwarf Planets

Ceres is in the constellation Virgo, although somewhat north of Mars in July, forming a triangle with Mars and Spica for the whole month, although the shape and corners of the triangle changes the whole time due to the motions of Mars and Ceres during that time! However, optical aid will be needed to spot the asteroid / dwarf planet.

In July, Pluto is in the constellation Sagittarius, starting the month virtually at opposition, meaning it’s rising at about sunset, and setting at about sunrise, initially!






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