Acceptable Use Policy

Effective Date: January 5, 2009

  1. General
    College owned computer resources are provided to Administration, faculty, staff, students, and the public for the benefit of the College. Users have no expectation of privacy for impermissible activity while using College-owned computer resources.
  2. Rights and Responsibilities
    1. Authorized Users
      1. Faculty, staff and enrolled students are authorized to use college computer resources. Members of the general public may also be authorized to use College computer resources with the consent of the College.
      2. Each user of any College computer resource, hardware or software agrees to the terms and conditions of this document.
      3. All computer resources use must be consistent with the College’s policy on sexual harassment.
      4. Accessing an employee’s computer files for work-related, non-investigatory purposes–i.e., to retrieve a file or document needed while the employee who maintains the file or document is away from the office–is permitted as long as access is limited to the work-related need. When an employee separates from the College, work-related files remain the property of the College.
      5. Communications and other documents made by means of College computing resources are generally subject to New Mexico’s Inspection of Public Records Act to the same extent as they would be if made on paper. Information stored electronically may also be made available in administrative or judicial proceedings; therefore, all employees are urged to use the same discretion and good judgment in creating electronic documents as they would use in creating written paper documents. The College will disclose illegal or unauthorized activities to appropriate College personnel and/or law enforcement agencies.
    2. Monitoring
      1. The Information Technology Department is authorized to observe, log, monitor and track the use of computer resources at San Juan College.
      2. In the event that a possible improper activity, as defined below, is discovered, Human Resources may provide any evidence obtained to the College and/or law enforcement personnel. If the activity disclosed is criminal, the College may request that prosecution be undertaken by appropriate authorities. In any event, the individual’s right to use the system may be suspended until a determination has been made as to whether or not the use was improper. If improper use occurred, the individual will be notified that their right to access has been terminated.
      3. For users who have access to secured information, monitoring may be used to assure that these users are not sharing security measures (passwords, etc.). Users assume full responsibility for all use pursuant to their security levels and recognize that their assigned resources may be suspended or terminated for the improper use of resources by themselves or by someone utilizing their security measure.
      4. Each authorized user acknowledges that his/her access to computer resources is limited. The use of computer resources for official College business or academic purposes has priority. Individuals discovered to be using computer resources for purposes outside this priority may be required to terminate that particular use by the College.
    3. Internet and College e-mail Use
      1. Internet access and College e-mail are provided to facilitate the mission, goals, and business of San Juan College and conduct College business.
      2. The following rules apply to use of the Internet and College e-mail:
        1. Personal use of the Internet and College email is prohibited if personal use interferes or appears to interfere with official College business.
        2. Unless specifically authorized, Internet access and College e-mail may not be used for any business or commercial purpose, including personal solicitation.
        3. The deliberate receipt or transmission of materials on the Internet or via College e-mail in violation of any U.S. law, law of the State of New Mexico, or policy of San Juan College is prohibited.
        4. Internet resources and College e-mail may not be used to transmit or cause to receive any materials that may be judged as objectionable based upon generally applied standards set by the College. Specifically prohibited is the deliberate receipt or transmission of materials that contain gratuitous violence, sexual activity or depictions, obscene language, or computer codes or programs which are intended to affect the operation of computers or networks without the permission of the operator.
        5. Violation of policies relating to the use of the Internet may subject the user to termination of access and to other disciplinary action.
      3. In addition to termination of access and use, any improper use of College-owned computer resources by College administration, faculty, staff, or students will result in the application of all relevant provisions of the Faculty Handbook, the Employee Handbook for Professional and staff, and the Academic Catalog.
    4. Software
      1. San Juan College licenses the use of proprietary software from a variety of companies. Unless specifically authorized by the owner of the software, through the licensing agreement, software and/or documentation relating to the use of the software may not be duplicated. Any unauthorized duplication may result in a termination of access, authorization or other disciplinary measures.
      2. College employees obtaining software authorization codes acknowledge that they are familiar with licensing agreements on local area networks (LAN) or multiple machines and agree to use the software only in accordance with said licensing.
    5. Computer Labs and Commons
      1. Installation or modification to Lab and Commons software or operating systems configuration may only be done with the consent of appropriate faculty or Information Technology staff.
    6. Proprietary Software
      1. No proprietary software may be loaded onto any SJC computer without clear licensing authorization. In the event an employee purchases proprietary software for employee’s office/classroom, a copy of the license agreement or other written documentation must be forwarded to the Information Technology Department prior to the installation of the software on the computer system. Information Technology will maintain the license as part of its master library. Any software installed on College equipment becomes the property of San Juan College while it is resident on a College computer.
      2. In accordance with this license management policy, each authorized user agrees that he or she is transferring all licensing rights in and to any personal software that is loaded onto the college system. The employee acknowledges that any duplicate installation of software into a home or another office system may be a violation of the licensing agreement and that the employee will be liable for any costs or liabilities associated with the unauthorized installation.
      3. If unauthorized software is discovered, the College will, at its option, remove the software or require the owner to obtain a multiple use license for the software. The College will, in any event, retain ownership of the proprietary software loaded on its system by its employees. Anyone who violates or is suspected of violating this policy may have his or her privileges suspended or terminated. If the violator or suspected violator is a member of the general public, the violation of this policy may subject them to a civil action to recover any financial losses.
  3. Acknowledgment of Procedure
    This document is a statement of San Juan College policy. The College will post this policy in appropriate locations and generally make copies available to everyone who uses or may use College computer resources. All provisions of this policy are implicitly accepted by all college users even if they have not received and/or signed a copy of this document.In addition, each college employee or student, upon application for authorization to use College computer resources shall be required to acknowledge the following statement:I hereby certify that I have received a copy of the San Juan College computer resources Acceptable Use Policy and agree to the terms and conditions set forth therein. I understand that any violation of the terms of this procedure may result in suspension or termination of my access privileges, and disciplinary action in accordance with the faculty, staff, or student handbooks. I further understand that the improper use or installation of any proprietary software may result in an assignment of the same to the College. In the event that my conduct exposes the college to civil liability or monetary loss I acknowledge that I may be required to indemnify the College for the same.