Explore non-degree programs that will further enhance your skill sets in Arts, Communication and Humanities.



Anthropology is the study of ourselves and what makes us a distinct species. Through Anthropology our eyes can be opened to other cultures, as well as to our own culture.

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Students may advance their skills in Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Jewelry, Sculpture, Photography, or Art Foundation.

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Communication Studies

Through the study of communication, students will increase their awareness of interpersonal communication. Improvement of one-to-one communication skills can have a profound impact on a student's academic and professional career.

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The study of history provides an understanding of a culture's ideas and beliefs.

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Modern Languages

The study of Modern Languages provides a comprehensive understanding of a written and spoken language.



The Music Department offers a variety of courses including music history and appreciation, reading and writing music, and performance ensembles.   Private vocal or instrumental lessons are also offered to students. 



San Juan College offers a variety of philosophy classes that focus on the main branches of philosophy, the study of morality, biomedical ethics and Dine philosophical thoughts.  

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The world of Photography is expanding – from new media journalism to the fashion world; Hollywood set photography to gallery and museum curation.  Courses focus on photography composition, camera operation, film processing, digital software, such as Adobe Photoshop, studio lighting, and location lighting.

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Political Science

San Juan College offers many Political Science courses from Introduction to Political Science to American National Government, Native American Politics, Public Policy and Social Change. 



San Juan College offers reading classes such as the introduction to reading which focuses on word knowledge and the fundamentals of reading skills to advanced reading classes such as academic reading and studying.

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Sociology courses examine human groups, social arrangements, and the changing world.