Humans are a unique species, and in fact, we are the only species able to study ourselves, and what could be more interesting to study than you or me? There is something about humans that makes us a distinct species with traits unseen in other animals on the planet.  At the same time, humans are extremely diverse and varied: culturally, linguistically, geographically, physically, and behaviorally.  What is it that makes us the same?  What traits do all humans share?  How do we differ?  Why do we differ?  How does our perspective affect our views and beliefs?

Anthropology can also open our eyes to other cultures, as well as to our own culture.  This becomes more and more important in the modern world with globalization and the constant interaction of different peoples around the world.

Quick Facts

  • All of the subfields of Anthropology are offered at SCJ.
  • Makes a great concentration for any career working with people.
  • Available archaeology internships and hands-on experience during the summer at the Field School

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