The English Department’s mission is to provide students with opportunities to develop and refine their writing skills for personal, academic, creative, and technical writing purposes while exploring the writing of others.

The English Department works with students from all disciplines and departments on campus. Clear and effective written communication is highly valued in any field or career, and the department helps students develop the appropriate writing and communication skills to be successful in their academic and professional careers as well as in their personal lives.

Our department is comprised of four areas:

  • Composition (ENGL 095, 099, 111 and 211)
  • Technical Composition (ENGL 098, 118 and 218)
  • Teacher Preparation for Language Arts (ENGL 250, 271 and 272)
  • Creative Writing / Literature (a variety of courses of interest to students)

Wages and information are based on national data and may vary based on your training, experience, and the market for the career in your area.

Quick Facts

  • You can earn a Creative Writing Certificate
  • Offers a variety of thematic courses
  • Cohort classes offered for students to earn credit while developing writing skills

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