Workforce Retraining

Are you currently unemployed and looking for a new career?
Did you know you may qualify for funding to retrain for a new job?

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act program provides funding for retraining opportunities for adult, youth, and dislocated workers. To qualify for training, students must be enrolled in programs that lead to employment in an in-demand occupation.

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Program Provides:

  • Tuition assistance
  • Funding for required books and school supplies
  • Career planning
  • Educational advising

San Juan College is here to assist you with the training you need to succeed! If you have questions about the WIOA program, contact Jackie Allen at 505-327-6126 ext. 204 or .

San Juan College offers access to an array of eligible programs, a complete list is available at If you have questions about other workforce services available, contact Jeanne Winchell at 505-327-6126 ext. 2 or