Toyota Technician Training Education Network (TTEN)

The Toyota Technician Training Education Network Program (TTEN) at San Juan College is a college training program that offers a career opportunity as a Toyota Motors service technician. This program leads to an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Automotive Technology while it provides you with the technical competency at a professional level. These skills will enable you to assume a responsible position in an automotive dealership.

The curriculum used for the Toyota Technician Training Education Network Program is approved by Toyota Motors. The program includes classroom work, laboratory experience on current vehicles and products, and practical experience as a line mechanic at a Toyota dealership.

The total program lasts about two years and includes a summer session. You will alternate spending eight weeks on campus in classes and labs, and eight weeks at the shop of the sponsoring Toyota Motors dealership. This rotation system continues until the you complete the program. The sessions are coordinated so that the work experience at the dealership relates as much as possible to the course work just completed at the college.
Because of the importance of combining practical experience with the classroom and laboratory sessions, EACH STUDENT IN THE TTEN PROGRAM IS REQUIRED TO HAVE A PARTICIPATING DEALERSHIP. If you qualify for the program, and you need assistance in locating an appropriate dealership, San Juan College can help. The primary responsibility of the dealership is to provide related training during the periods you are working at the dealership’s facility.

Wages and information are based on national data and may vary based on your training, experience, and the market for the career in your area.

Quick Facts

  • Students must be sponsored by a dealership
  • Earn a degree from one a top school in the industry
  • Students Alternate between 8 weeks on campus and 8 weeks at their sponsoring dealership.

Countdown to Register for Fall Classes starting August 26th