Certified Nursing Assistant


General Information

The Nurse Aide Certification course session is an 8-week, 6 credit hour course. Classes are three (3) days per week and 4 hours each day unless otherwise specified. To enroll, apply for admission to San Juan College through the Admissions Office, meet Accuplacer eligibility and register for the class on dates specified by admissions.

This course meets federal and state requirements and qualifies individuals to take the State Certification Examination. Law requires this training and certification for individuals employed as nurse aides in long term care facilities.

Hours of instruction include 45 class hours and 90 lab/clinical hours in local health care facilities. Instructors and staff delegates are on site during all clinical hours. Students should expect to be in class, laboratory or clinical according to times designated in order to meet state requirements. Clinical facilitites may require criminal background screening and designated immunizations and/or titers.

Course Description

PNUR 110 prepares students with skills required in the care of the sick and infirm under the supervision of an RN (Registered Nurse), LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse), or other health professional in nursing homes, hospitals, home care agencies and skilled care facilities. The course classroom, college skills lab and clinical experience in local health care facilities meet the requirements to apply for the State Certification Examination upon completion in accordance with the Omnibus Reconciliation Act.  Prerequisites: appropriate Reading and Math Accuplacer scores. Semester offered: Fall, Spring, Summer.

Certification Exam

Upon successful completion of the course students have the option to take the State Certification Examination. The cost for the certification exam will be due on the day of the final exam.  Available test dates and sites will be announced.

Approximate Costs


Tuition: Tuition rates and payment options  
Lab Fee (includes Background Check) $   75.00
Textbook/Course Packet (approximate) $   80.00
Uniform/TB tests/ Immunizations (approximate) $ 160.00
Certification Exam (Optional) $ 105.00

Verification of TB Test required prior to clinical experience

Clinical facilities may require criminal background screening and designated immunizations and/or titers.