Financial Aid and Scholarships Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to claim Pell, Loans, Scholarships, or Work study wages on my Income Taxes?

Grants and Scholarship amounts in the excess of tuition and book charges must be reported as income on your tax return. SJC Business Office will send a 1098T form at the end of the year to you reflecting this information. Loans are not required to be reported. Work Study earnings should be reported on your income taxes if you are required to file. Visit with a Tax consultant for any additional questions you may have.

Do I have to make satisfactory academic progress in order to receive financial aid?

Yes. Federal regulations require that students adhere to standards of satisfactory academic progress in the pursuit of their degree or certificate. For detailed information on San Juan College’s Satisfactory Academic Progress policy, please check Student Academic Progress (SAP).

Do I need to let the Financial Aid Office know if I’m receiving funding from a source other the Student Financial Aid?

Yes! It is extremely important that you notify our office as soon as possible if you receive funding from any source other than our office. We must take into consideration all sources of assistance you receive. Examples include, but are not limited to: WIA (Workforce Investment Act), VA (Veterans benefits) tuition waivers, scholarships, Ameri-corps grants, etc. These types of assistance affect your eligibility for financial aid. Unreported aid could result in an over award, which you must repay.

Do I submit my Native American scholarship applications to the Financial Aid Office?

You will complete the scholarship application and submit to the respective tribal scholarship office or organization. The Financial Aid Office will only complete the Financial Need Analysis forms.

What happens if I completely withdraw after receiving financial aid?

You may be required to pay back some of the financial aid you received. San Juan College will notify you – by mail – of the amount you must repay. This information may be found under the Student Withdrawal Return of Title IV Funds located on the Financial Aid website. If you received a loan an Exit Counseling must also be completed.

When do I receive my Native American scholarship?

Scholarship funds are credited to student accounts after they have been received. To check if we have received your scholarship, view WebAdvisor- under Financial Aid.

Who handles the Native American scholarships?

The Financial Aid Office handles Native American scholarships.

Why was my Native American scholarship returned?

Your financial need has been met and a portion or your entire award was returned.