Native American Scholarships

How to Apply for Tribal Scholarships

Numerous scholarships are available and are waiting for Native American students to apply. The eligibility requirements vary from scholarship to scholarship as well as the deadlines for filing. Generally, you must do the following:

  1. File a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA must be completed every year.
  2. Meet the scholarship eligibility requirements.
  3. Complete the scholarship application and submit to the respective tribal scholarship office or organization.
  4. Submit a financial need analysis (FNA) form to the SJC Financial Aid Office.

Before applying for Work Study or student loans, notify your Financial Aid Advisor of any pending aid or scholarships for which you have applied. Scholarships are treated as financial aid and may result in an adjustment to any loan or work-study award you receive.


ONNSFA Logo. Office of the Navajo Nation Scholarship & Financial Assistance


The Office of Navajo Nation Scholarship and Financial Assistance serves eligible Navajo people and provides students the opportunity to achieve their educational goals. This opportunity is provided as a privilege with the intent that recipients, upon graduation, will return to the Navajo Nation to apply their learning to benefit the continuing development of the Navajo Nation.

Deadline to turn in SJC documents for ONNSFA application deadline-  June 25, 2018 for Academic year;                                                                                                                               November 25, 2018 Spring semester

For more information about ONNSFA

PNM Navajo Nation Work Force Training Scholarship

Recipients are selected on multiple criteria and funds are limited.  Not all qualified applicants will receive an award

2018-2019 Foundation PNM Navajo Nation Work Force Training Scholarship application

  • Student must be an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation.
  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be completed as scholarship is need based.
  • Minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) is 2.0.
  • Priority given to Full-Time students (12 credits or more per semester); Part-time students considered if funds are available.
  • Awards are posted on WebAdvisor
  • Scholarships are generally awarded per semester for fall and/or spring semesters (no summer awards)
  • Failure to meet individual scholarship eligibility criteria may result in immediate cancelation of award
  • Renewal of scholarships is not automatic; students must apply with all documents each academic year to be considered.
  • The student agrees to write a Thank you letter and attend the PNM- Foundation Scholarship Reception in Spring 2018
  •  Must be pursuing one of the following degrees:

Associate of Sciences (Completed FAFSA Required): Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, and Geology

Associate of Applied Sciences (Completed FAFSA Required):
Advanced Petroleum Productions Operations, Auto Body, Automotive Technology, Automotive Service Education Program (GM), Building Trades, Civil Drafting and Design Technology, College Automotive Program (Chrysler), Diesel Technology, Fire Science, Industrial Maintanence Mechanic, Industrial Process Operator, Instrumentation and Controls Technology, Toyota Technician Training Education Network, Occupational Safety, Petroleum Operations, Welding, Industrial Safety Technologies, Commercial Construction Safety, Controls Technology-Fundamentals, Tribal Energy Management, and Information Technology.