Employee Handbook

San Juan College’s governing policies descriptions and details are located in the Employee Handbook.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

San Juan College is in agreement with and dedicated to providing equal employment and educational opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin,disability, age, genetic, veteran’s status, or on the basis of any other category protected under federal, state and local laws.
This dedication extends to recruitment, employment, compensation, benefits, transfers, layoffs, returns, institutionally sponsored education, training, tuition assistance, social and recreational programs, staff development opportunities and advancement, as well as all other Human Resource practices.
The college administration is committed to the ongoing support of equal employment opportunity efforts.  The programs will require the personal dedication of every member of the college community to implement the commitments of the institution.  This statement is also to be applied to those with whom we have relationships in our service area.
The Director of Human Resources has been designated as the Equal Employment Officer for San Juan College.  The office is located on the Main Campus, in the Educational Services Building, second floor. The Equal Employment Officer can be reached directly at the following telephone number: (505) 566-3515.
With the support of every individual here at San Juan College, the equal employment opportunity effort should ultimately provide inclusion and utilization of minorities, women and all protected groups in an appropriate manner, at every level of responsibility and endeavor. I ask that you give Equal Employment Opportunity your utmost attention and that you direct your energies to its ultimate success.
Toni H. Pendergrass, Ph.D.
November 2012

Title IX

Gender-based harassment or violence occurring in a higher-education setting implicates a federal law called Title IX of the Higher Education Amendments of 1972 to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in education programs or activities receiving federal financial assistance.

San Juan College is committed to maintaining a positive learning and working environment, and will not tolerate gender-based harassment or violence, or related retaliation. When such harassment, violence, or retaliation is brought to the attention of the College, its Title IX Coordinator will take steps to end the harassment, violence, or retaliation; prevent its reoccurrence; and address its effects.

Contact Information for Title IX Coordinator:

Stacey Allen, Assistant Director of Human Resources

Educational Services Center Building, 2nd Floor

Human Resources, Room 4243

(505) 566-3515; allens@sanjuancollege.edu


Policy of Non-Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policy Links:

Employee Policy and Procedures Chapter 14 of the Employee Handbook.

Student Conduct Policy and Procedures located under Student Rights.


If you wish to report gender-based harassment, violence, or retaliation, you are referred to as the complainant. The person against whom you have made allegations is referred to as the respondent.

How to report alleged gender-based discrimination, harassment, violence, or retaliation:

1)         For emergency situations needing medical attention: Call 911

2)         Directly to the College’s Title IX Coordinator at titleixcoordinator@sanjuancollege.edu or call 566-3515. The College’s Title IX Coordinator has authority to address Title IX complaints in a non-criminal context. This College process is completely separate from the law enforcement process.

3)         Any College personnel, including the Office of Advising and Counseling, and Department of Public Safety. Mandatory reporting is required.

4)         Choose to report to local law enforcement. If a report is made initially with law enforcement, law enforcement may inform the Title IX Coordinator, with the victim’s/survivor’s consent.

Complainant may pursue separate complaints simultaneously through the Title IX Coordinator and through a law enforcement process. In addition, you may file a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights of the United States Department of Education.

The Timetable

Title IX investigations may take up to 60 days to be resolved, depending on the complexity of the case and the number of parties involved.

Because the College Title IX process is separate from that which might be undertaken by local law enforcement, the College will not wait until a criminal or civil case is resolved before proceeding.

At any point in the process, the complainant may choose to end the process through an outcome to which the complainant and College agree.

The College will keep the complainant advised about the status of the case as is reasonable. The complainant will be informed of the outcome of the case in writing.


The Complainant’s Right to Confidentiality

San Juan College has an obligation to protect a learning and working environment that is safe from gender-based harassment, violence, and retaliation. For this reason, the College has an obligation to proceed with an investigation, even if the complainant’s wishes are that an investigation does not occur. The complainant is not required to participate; however, this may limit the College’s ability to respond to the incident.

If you request that your name or other identifying information not be used in an investigation, the College will consider your request in light of the context of its responsibility to provide a safe and nondiscriminatory environment. In most cases, information including your name will be shared with the respondent, witnesses, and with College officials who have a legitimate need to know. Beyond that, the College will take steps to protect your identity and the identity of all individuals involved.

Sometimes a complainant does not report an event out of fear that the College will take action against the complainant for alcohol or drug use. The complainant should be aware that such violations will be handled informally whenever possible, and that the complainant’s use of such substances does not put the complainant at fault for gender-based harassment, violence, or retaliation.


Protection from Retaliation

The College will take interim steps to protect a complainant while the case is pending. Any adjustments made will be designed to minimize the burden on the complainant’s educational program.

In addition, the College prohibits retaliation against any employee or student who reports, testifies, assists, or participates in an investigation or hearing relating to allegations of gender-based harassment or violence. Any retaliation should be reported immediately to the Title IX Coordinator.

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