San Juan College Now Has A Mobile App!

The long awaited app is now here! An App that will let you register for classes, search the college directory, get important notifications about school closings and emergencies, and allow you to check your grades is just a couple clicks away!

This app is available on iPad/iPhone and Android platforms. For the purpose of simplicity, this tutorial will show the iPad install and registration proccess as it is similar to the Android version.

1. First go to the App store and search for Ellucian.

Download EllucianGo

2. Install the Ellucian GO app.

3. Search for San Juan College in the list of schools.

Search San Juan College bar

4. Sign in with your San Juan College credentials at the bottom.

Signin Screen


There are several things you must remember when registering for classes with the Ellucian GO app.

  • You cannot drop classes with this version of the app. Future releases may have this feature but the current release does not. In order to drop a class, you must log into WebAdvisor on a computer or come to the Registrar in the Clock tower.
  • You are not registered for classes just by placing a class in your cart. You must complete the registration process. Placing a class in your cart does not hold your seat in that class. Only registering will secure your seat in the class.
  • You cannot pay your tuition with this app. You must make arrangements with the Business Office to pay for your tuition. There are several Payment Options available.

To access the several functions available through this app, you first click on the San Juan College logo at the lop left of the screen to pull out the menu.

Registering for a class is easy. First you search for a term and subject.

Search for sectionEllucianGo menu


When you select a class, you can add it to your cart by a button on the bottom.

Class selectedAdd to cart button

Course added to cart

After you add the items to the cart, you may continue to register for the course(s) or remove them from your cart. This is your final opportunity to back out of the registration process. Once you register, the only way to unregister is to log into WebAdvisor or go to the Registrar/Registration in the Clock Tower.

Removing a class from your cart or actually registering for a class in your cart is where the iOS and Android views differ.

iOS view:

iOS view of app

Android Views:

Android view of registration appAndroid view of registration app