Pell Grant

Beginning July 1, 2012, all students are limited to the equivalent of 6 years or 12 full-time semesters of Pell Grant eligibility.

Lifetime Eligibility Usage (LEU) Calculation:

Because some students attend part-time instead of full-time, lifetime eligibility usage (LEU) is calculated on a percentage value rather than the exact number of semesters.  One year (usually fall & spring semesters) of full-time enrollment is equal to 100% of Pell Grant.  Students will be limited to a total of 600% Pell Grant over their lifetime.

For example, a student who attends full-time in fall and spring semesters will use 100% of Pell eligibility in that year.   A student who attends half-time will use less percentage each time but take longer to graduate.  The chart below provides and an example of semester-by-semester use:

Year In School Semester Enrollment Level Pell Amount % of Pell Grant Used
Year 1 Fall full-time (12 credits) $2,500 50%
  Spring half-time (7 credits) $1,250 25%
Year 2 Fall full-time (14            credits) $2,500 50%
  Spring half-time (7 credits) $1,250 25%
  Summer half-time (6 credits) $1,250 25%
Year 3 Fall 3/4 time (9 credits) $1,875 37.5%
  Spring full-time (13 credits) $2,500 50%
        262.5%  out of 600% Lifetime Eligibility Used after three years

Other Criteria:

  • Students must be meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy and all other Pell Grant eligibility criteria.
  • This regulation cannot be appealed to add more semesters
  • The 12-semester limit is effective for all students as of July 1, 2012.  Regardless of when the student began attending college (no “grandfather clause”).
  • The eligibility does not “re-start” for skipped semesters, poor academic progress, changing majors, returning for new degrees, or transferring to a new school.

To monitor how much Pell Grant you have used:

Beginning July 1, 2012, Students can review Pell Grant usage by:

  1. Log onto
  2. Click on the “financial aid review” box and sign in using your personalized criteria and your FSA ID.
    1. (If you don’t know your FSA ID go to
  3. Click on “Grants.”
  4. Note the total LEU percentage used and review your semester-by-semester Pell Grant award history

Attendance to percentage conversion chart:

Semester Enrollment Level Credits per semester Percent of Pell
Full-time 12 or more  50%
Three-quarter time 9 to 11  37.5%
Half-time 6 to 8  25%
Less than half-time Less than 6  TBD by school


Some students may be eligible to receive a Pell Grant in the summer semester.  Pell Grants are awarded based on enrollment status in each semester of an academic year.  Payment in the summer semester depends on whether or not the student enrolled full-time or part-time in the fall and spring semesters.  Students may receive a Pell Grant payment in the summer semester if:

1. Completes a Summer Aid Form 2018

2.  The student attends all three semesters in an academic year but enrolls part-time during either fall or spring semester.  The final summer payment would be determined by the amount of funds remaining and the enrollment of the student.

3. The student attends in the just the fall & summer, or just the spring & summer semesters.

4. The student only attends in the summer semester.

Students must also meet Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy standards and all other Pell Grant eligibility criteria.   For any other questions regarding a summer Pell Grant, please contact the Financial Aid Office.