San Juan College has the largest herbarium collection of the Four Corners Region. Along with collections from the following Tribal Lands and United States Government Agencies: Navajo Nation, Jicarilla Apache, Southern Ute Tribe, Ute Mountain Ute Indian Reservations, San Juan National Forest, Carson National Forest, Aztec Ruins National Monument, Natural Bridges National Monument, Capitol Reef National Monument, Arches National Park, Mesa Verde National Park, and Canyonlands National Park. The herbarium includes important collections from the following individuals: the Arnold Clifford Collection, primarily from the Navajo Nation, and the George S. Vasey Collection, from the John Wesley Powell Expedition.

            San Juan College Herbarium is curated by founder and Professor Emeritus of Biology, Kenneth D. Heil. Heil is the author of numerous publications, along with the Flora of the Four Corners Region. Currently Heil is working on the New Mexico Flora, publishing the book with Missouri Botanical Garden Press.

            Kenneth D. Heil currently has three grant projects with New Mexico Bureau of Land Management (BLM), University of Colorado (CU), Boulder, and American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB). New Mexico BLM is funding an inventory of the Sabinoso Wilderness Area conducted by Heil. CU, Boulder is funding the Imaging Voucher Grant to create a digital archive of San Juan College Herbarium Plants. This archive is located on the database, SEINet. ASPB is funding an undergraduate research project conducted by Adriano Tsinigine, and facilitated by Mr. Heil. The project’s goal is to obtain a Preliminary Inventory of Wolf Springs Ranch in Colorado, recently purchased by the Navajo Nation.

            Plant specimens are traded with other Botanical institutions such as, University of New Mexico, Fort Lewis College, Northern Arizona University, University of Colorado, Navajo Nation Herbarium, Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden, and many others.


 The San Juan College Herbarium (SJNM)

 The San Juan College Herbarium is located in Room 1906, in the West Classroom Complex. Adjacent to the Clock Tower, and within the same parking lot. The Herbarium was renovated, and has been fully operational since 2017. The Herbarium serves as a resource for Biology, Geology, and Art classes to utilize. The Herbarium consists of vascular plant collections, such as; Ferns & their Allies, Gymnosperms, and Angiosperms (Monocots & Dicots).

To access San Juan College Herbarium’s database, you can search through collections entering common names, scientific names, and collector’s name.

Contact SJNM:  Kenneth D. Heil  |  Phone: (505) 566-3358  |  E-mail:kendelheil@gmail.com