Student Research Projects

The School of Science, Math and Engineering has maintained a summer research program since 1998. Support has come from Intel, Los Alamos National Labs, NASA, the National Science Foundation, and the National Institutes of Health. We are well equipped to perform synthesis, environmental, and materials research here at San Juan College.

Undergraduate research is an excellent way for students to learn first-hand the application of principles learned in the classroom. The student gains real world experience and faculty is kept sharp and current. And the general knowledge of mankind is advanced.

To apply for a position on the research team, contact Dr. Eric Miller.

Past Research Projects

FOCUSS Project- Electrodeposition Using Acoustic Excitation

For the summer 2014 research project, students studied the electrodeposition of copper, copper chloride, and silicon using acoustic excitation. Electrodeposition (also known as electroplating), of coatings and films, is used in making a broad range of products and devices.

NM IBRE Grant- Silicon

This research project focused on synthesizing silicon and organic (plastic) electronic conductors. This area of research, integrated with other research areas into a single project, is directed at treating blindness through retina prosthesis (artificial retina replacement structures).

Herbarium- Four Corners Flora Research

The Bolack San Juan Basin Flora Project is a project under that auspices of the SJC Herbarium, supported, in part by the Bolack Foundation, Bureau of Land Management, BHP Minerals, Annabelle Friddle and Burlington Resources in cooperation with Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, Missouri.

Totah Bolack B-Square Ranch Archaeological Project

Tommy Bolack contacted San Juan College in 1998 to revive his long-lived hope of better understanding the Anasazi culture living in the Totah area of northwestern New Mexico. His hopes are to research the substantial artifact assemblage which has been collected from the B-Square Ranch through the years.