Prospective Students

Is Distance Learning for me?

Distance Learning provides students with great flexibility and control over their own learning. Students who are successful distance learners are self-disciplined and committed to the completion of their educational goals.

Other characteristics of a successful distance student are:

  • Highly organized
  • Reads and follows written directions well
  • Has basic technical knowledge of computers
  • Able to effectively communicate through writing

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Do I have to attend any on campus classes?

San Juan College’s distance programs are offered entirely online with no campus visits, with the exception of the Physical Therapist Assistant Program. The PTA program requires some campus attendance, to learn more about the Physical Therapist Assistant Program’s requirements please visit

Will my diploma or transcript indicate an online program?

No, both your diploma and transcript will say San Juan College and the degree or certificate you earned upon completion.

Are San Juan Colleges face-to-face courses equivalent to online courses?

Yes, the same syllabus with the same course outcomes are used in face-to-face and online courses.

Will my other college credits transfer to SJC?

Applicants are required to submit official transcripts from all regionally accredited colleges or universities. If the student attended a non-accredited college or university, transcripts are not required as credits from non-accredited institutions are not accepted. If you would like to see what has transferred from another institution in the past, you can use our transfer database.  If a course you have taken is not listed, it may still be transferable.

San Juan College TES Transfer Database

Will my college credits transfer out of SJC?

Students wishing to transfer credits from San Juan College to another college or university will need to check with the college or university they are wishing to transfer to in order to see if San Juan College courses are equivalent.

What is the cost?

Tuition rates are per credit hour and depend on if you are New Mexico Resident or Non-New Mexico Resident. New Mexico Residents pay $46 per credit hour plus fees. Non-New Mexico Residents pay $146 per credit hour plus fees. For fees and more tuition information please visit San Juan College Tuition Rates.

Are San Juan College courses self-paced?

Most San Juan College courses are not self-paced. Check the course guide to find out if your instructor allows students to work ahead. Typically there are weekly due dates, some courses have multiple due dates during the week.

Can I work ahead in my San Juan College Online courses?

No, normally you will work week by week on your assignments. Many instructors open the weekly section of their online course at the beginning of the week.

Does Financial Aid pay for online courses?

Yes, if a student is eligible and in an approved Financial Aid program financial aid can pay for online classes.