Enrollment Services Forms

Student Change of Name/ Address/Phone

Students can complete this form to update their information with San Juan College.

Acceptance/ Enrollment Verification Request

Students needing verification of acceptance/enrollment may complete the verification request.

Transfer Credit Appeal

Students having questions regarding credits that did not transfer should appeal by completing the transfer credit appeal form.

Request for Duplicate Diploma

Please complete the Request for Duplicate Diploma form and return to Enrollment Services to order additional copies of a diploma.

Offical Group Tour Request Form

Form to request a group tour of San Juan College campus.

Official Transcript Request Form

Complete the form and return to Enrollment Services to request an Official Transcript from San Juan College.

NM-Co Residency

New Mexico-Colorado Tuition Reciprocity Agreement Application

Request for New Mexico Residency based on Full-Time Employment

The State of New Mexico provides for an exception to the 12-month continuous presence requirement for the spouse and dependent children of the person who has moved to New Mexico and had obtained permanent full-time employment.

Petition for In-State Tuition Classification

Students may complete the form if they so wish to petition for in-state tuition. 

PDF alternative to Petition for In-State Tuition Classification

Military Tuition Rate Request

San Juan College Military Tuition Rates are granted in compliance of Senate Bill No. 35 and the Veterans Choice Act of 2014.

Financial Aid Waiver for Transfer Students

Transfer students need to complete the waiver if they are NOT applying for Financial Aid and do not want to submit high school transcripts if they have completed more than 15 college level credits at a 2.0 or higher GPA.