Course Schedule

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Location Codes

Location Code  
AZTEC Other - Aztec
BLOOM Bloomfield
EAST East Campus - Aztec
FARM Other - Farmington
INET Online - Internet
KIRT Other - Kirtland
MAIN Main Campus - Farmington
OTHER Other Sites
SCITY Safety City
SHIP Shiprock
WEST West Campus - Kirtland

Course Codes

ACCT  Accounting ENGL  English OTAP Occupational Therapy Assistant
ANTH Anthropology ENGR Engineering PACT Professional Auto Career Training (Honda)
ARTS Art ENGY Energy PHED Physical Education
ASEP Automotive Service Educational Program (General Motors) FINA Finance PHIL Philosophy
ASTR Astronomy FIRE Fire Science PHOT Photography
AUBO Autobody FREN French PHYS Physics
AUTE Automotive Technology GEOL Geology PNUR Pre-Nursing
BADM Business Administration GIST Geographic Information Systems Technology POLS Political Science
BARB Cosmetology HIST History PSYC Psychology
BIOL Biology HITP Health Information Technology PTAP Physical Therapist Assistant
BLAW Business Law HLSC Health Science RDNG Reading 
BLDT Building Trades HLTH Health RESP Respiratory Therapy
CAPP College Automotive Program (Chrysler) HMSV Human Services RUSS Russian
CDLT Commerical Drivers License INST Instrumentation Controld & Technology SAFE Safety
CHEM Chemistry IPOP Industrial Process Operator SIGN American Sign Language
COMM Communication Studies ITCT Information and Computer Technology SOCI Sociology
COSC Computer Science LEAS Legal Assistant SOCI Sociology
DANC Dance LRNS Learning Support SPAN Spanish
DHYG Dental Hygiene MATH Mathematics SURG Surgical Technology
DISL Diesel Mechanics MECH  Industrial Maintenance Mechanic TEMS Tribal Energy Management 
DMAD Digital Media Arts and Design MLTS Medical Laboratory Assistant THEA Theatre Arts
DRFT Drafting MUSI Music TTEN Toyota Technical Education Network
ECED Early Childhood Education NATV Native American Studies VETT Veterinary Technology
ECON Economics NAVA Navajo Studies WELD Welding and Metal Fabrication Technology 
EDUC Education NAVA Navajo Studies
EMSP Emergency Medical Services NRSG Nursing

Spring 2020 Schedule

SectionTitleCreditsDaysStart TimeEnd TimeAvailable SeatsLocationFacultyFaculty ConsentOther FeesStart DateEnd Date
ARTS-104-E10Spin: Pottery Hb/Wt1T04:30PM08:40PM11MAINPolattyY156/25/20197/30/2019
COSC-104-E01Spin: Beyond the Basics1MW10:00AM12:00PM19MAINMillerY137/8/20197/31/2019
COSC-104-E04Spin: Computer Essentials1TTH06:00PM08:00PM14MAINDeesY137/9/20198/1/2019
DMAD-104-E01Spin: Photoshop Workshop1T06:00PM08:40PM0MAINBullochY5/28/20197/2/2019
ENGL-104-E01Spin: Global Studies Guatemala1MTWTHFSSU6BatemanY6/4/20196/15/2019
HIST-104-E05Spin: Chaco Night Sky Program1FSSU09:00AM05:00PM9OTHERLawsonY285/31/20196/2/2019
HIST-104-E06Spin: Dark Sky Within Chaco1MTSU09:00AM05:00PM5OTHERLawsonY406/2/20196/4/2019
HIST-104-E07Spin: Genealogy: Immigration1TTH09:30AM11:30AM11MAINDavisY6/11/20197/9/2019
MUSI-104-E13Spin: Concert Band1TH06:30PM09:00PM25MAINFetzY5/23/20198/8/2019
PHED-104-E14Spin: Yoga for Every Body1TTH01:00PM02:30PM11MAINBendanY5/28/20197/25/2019
PHED-104-E16Spin: Improve Your Golf Game1MTWTH05:30PM07:35PM11FARMHickmanY7/15/20198/1/2019
PHED-104-E20Spin: Hatha Yoga1TTH10:15AM11:45AM12MAINBendanY5/28/20197/25/2019
PHOT-104-E01Spin: Iphone Photography1M09:00AM02:30PM11MAINWilletoY7/1/20197/1/2019
PHOT-104-E01Spin: Iphone Photography LabTW09:00AM05:00PM7/2/20197/3/2019
SPAN-104-E02Spin: Global Studies Guatemala1MTWTHFSSU6BatemanY6/4/20196/15/2019