Community Learning Center (CLC)

The Community Learning Center (CLC) offers non-credit personal enrichment classes open to all community members.  The classes are geared toward helping people find and pursue their passions.  Some of the classes include a community orchestra class, dance classes for all ages, personal fitness classes, and classes that give students a taste for new hobbies, like hiking, exploring our local trails and archeology, knitting, cooking and so many more.

Mission Statement

We are committed to enriching our community by providing lifelong learning opportunities to enhance the mind, body and spirit.

The new Continuing Education publication is just off the press and you can enroll now in non-credit and Encore classes. Previously published as the Continuum and the Center for Workforce Development course schedules, we have combined content into one publication in an effort to provide a wider variety of possibilities and interests for our local community—both personal and professional.

The Community Learning Center also offers online non-credit classes through