About the Emergency Medical Services Program

The EMS Program is designed for students who want a career in pre-hospital emergency medicine. It prepares students to manage life-threatening and disabling injuries whenever possible, and to establish a comprehensive, coordinated system of emergency medical services that:

  • Assure citizens and visitors easy access to services;
  • Provide an injury prevention component;
  • Expedite initial response;
  • Ensure appropriate lifesaving and stabilization measures at the scene; and
  • Ensure transport or transfer of patients in a timely and efficient manner to facilities capable of providing maximum recovery and rehabilitation


Emergency Responder Certificate
EMT-Basic Certificate
AEMT Certificate
Paramedic Certificate
Associates of Applied Science Paramedic
Associate of Science Paramedic

Job Opportunities

Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics are typically dispatched to the scene by a 911 operator and often work with a Police or Fire Department. Emergency professionals and Paramedics provide on-the-scene, immediate medical care such as: control bleeding; apply splints; assist with childbirth; administer oxygen; perform CPR and other basic life support skills. They also transport the sick and injured to a medical facility. Employment opportunities for EMTs and Paramedics exist with ambulance services, fire departments, hospital emergency departments and clinics as well as private industry.


For more information on the Emergency Medical Services Program, call (505) 566-3857 or emailems@sanjuancollege.edu



The mission of the San Juan College EMS Program is to improve the quality of life of the citizens it serves by meeting the educational and human needs of the entire community in concert with other community agencies, businesses, industries and other groups.

To assist in the accomplishment of this mission, the Program will:

  • Develop exceptional EMT’s who are able to fulfill the multiple roles of the profession through demonstrated competence
  • Promote the health and well being of New Mexico’s and the four-corners region’s diverse population by providing excellent community service
  • Meet the needs of the local EMS professional community through:
    • Addressing EMS employment needs
    • Providing continuing education opportunities
    • Serving as a regional EMS resource


The San Juan College EMS Program will be the model of EMS education by:

  • Promoting student centered learning
  • Utilizing appropriate advanced technology
  • Implementing collaborative approaches
  • Promoting critical-thinking


Goals which directly support the San Juan College EMS Programs Mission and Vision

  • The Program will recruit student applicants that reflect the diversity of the community
  • The Program will develop and participate in scholarly activity to advance the EMS profession as demonstrated by Faculty, Student and Staff participation in regional and national EMS education organizations
  • The Program will provide community service including health care, patient education and college and community involvement as demonstrated by:
    • Clinical operations
    • Participation in regional health fairs
    • Clinical rotations


The San Juan College EMS Program is committed to developing health care professionals who become valued members of the EMS profession. These are the values and core beliefs that support the Programs philosophy. The San Juan College EMS Program believes:

  • In an ethical foundation reflecting the values of honesty, integrity, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility
  • That a commitment based on academic integrity and a high standard of individual and institutional ethics shall guide the work of the students, the faculty and the staff
  • In encouraging optimal health and personal development
  • In open communication
  • In appreciation of diversity
  • In collaborative work
  • In encouraging lifelong learning
  • In promoting and encouraging a safe, fulfilling and enjoyable work experience
  • In promoting a positive learning environment
  • In excellence in all academic endeavors
  • In effective stewardship of public resources
  • In promoting professional activity
  • In promoting the highest standards of the emergency medical services profession

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Emergency Medical Services – Paramedic AAS, AS degree and certificate program, the learner will be able to complete tasks within a professional setting.

For details of each task, please review the Learning Outcomes document.