Geologists study the composition, processes and history of the Earth. They use this knowledge to protect the environment, predict future geologic hazards, and offer advice on construction and land-use projects. This type of career might be right for you if you like science and math, and consider yourself something of a rock-hound or canyon explorer. Depending on what area interests you the most, you could become a mineralogist, petroleum geologist, geochemist, paleontologist, or oceanographer. Geology majors also work in engineering and management for the oil and gas, and mining industries.
San Juan College offers an Associate of Science degree with a concentration in Geology for students interested in transferring to four-year institutions to complete a bachelor’s or other advanced degree. Many of our courses include field trips and studies of the Four Corners region. Our geology courses are also intended for students looking to fulfill a science requirement in another course of study.

Wages and information are based on national data and may vary based on your training, experience, and the market for the career in your area.

Quick Facts

  • Classes include excursions to Ship Rock Volcanic Neck, Bisti Badlands, Harding Pegmatite Mine, and Hogback
  • Introduction to Geology and Historical Geology will fulfill the lab science requirements for non-geology majors

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